Occupational Therapy

Child Inspired is very excited to have the opportunity to provide therapeutic services for your child, family or organization. Maybe you find yourself in the “sandwich generation”, caring for the needs of young children and aging parents with medical needs? Occupational Therapists work with individuals across the lifespan to enhance and restore function through the use of meaningful activities. The word “Occupation” is not used to refer specifically to a job or profession, but rather the daily activities that bring purpose, meaning and quality to our daily lives.


The “Occupation” of infants and young children revolves around feeding, sleeping, play, and developing safe, trusting bonds with caregivers. Healthy childhood development is dependent upon successful physical and emotional skill development in these areas. Occupational Therapists work closely with families, and other professionals to address any concerns in these performance areas, as all babies need proper nutritional intake, sleep, and sensory input (comforting touch, movement, clean skin/diapers) for healthy growth.

As children enter the school-age years, their “Occupations” broaden to include school function, and enhanced opportunities for peer connections and relationships through play, sports, and leisure activities. Successful physical, cognitive and social-emotional skill development helps children reach their greatest potential as learners, now and leading into their future endeavors. Occupational Therapists work closely with educators and families to improve motor coordination, visual perception, sensory integration, self-regulation, and self-care skills required for success in daily home and school routines.


Adolescents and young adults prepare to enter the workforce to reach greater independence and sustainability. Individuals with physical, cognitive, or developmental disabilities may require specialized training, adaptations, and/or environmental modifications for successful job acquisition and life skill development.

Adults may develop a medical or psychological condition that causes a decline in function or a change in their level of independence. Occupational Therapists work in a hospital, rehabilitation, psychiatric, home healthcare, and community settings to help restore function and independence.


How We Are Currently Providing Services:

At this time, Child Inspired Therapy is now In-Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware Highmark and Health Options insurance plans. We also offer fee-for-service options, as well as documentation and billing information that can be used to request insurance reimbursement from other insurance providers or healthcare flexible spending account (FSA) plans.

We offer in-home and telehealth outpatient therapy services. We are also working to fulfill small contractual needs of local schools and health care organizations. Please contact us with your inquires.

Cost of Services

Workshops: Price of workshops will be listed on our site and can be paid directly through our website portal (or via accompanying link to eventbrite) to register for family trainings and community wellness activities.

Therapy Services – Initial Evaluation and Treatment Sessions: Child Inspired Therapy is now In-Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware Highmark and Health Options. Please contact us to initiate an Insurance Eligibility & Benefits inquiry. Co-Pay and Private-Pay Options will be determined and arranged based on your individualized needs and insurance coverage options. Please contact us for additional information, inquiries, and to schedule an initial consultation today.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve the needs of your child, family or organization. Please contact us to inquire and/or schedule a consultation.