Goal Notepad Variety Pack




Now featuring our newest illustrations! Our Goal Notepad Set is a variety pack that now includes 28 Maps & Repositionable Stickers: 4 Sports, 4 Pet, 4 Race car, 4 Deep Sea Adventure, 4 Superhero, 4 Horse Trail, and 4 Princess!!!

Help children visualize their progress towards any individualized goal! Let the child choose their favorite theme, and help them depict or write their goal on a post-it note and adhere it to the finish line. Utilize the “neutral zones” with positive, child-centered language during set-backs or regressions.

Healthcare Providers: Our Goal Notepad Sets are an economical option & perfect for facilitating child-centered communication with children during WAIT TIMES in Pediatric Emergency Departments, Ambulatory Surgery and Outpatient Treatment Clinics. Great tool for sibling support too!

Educators & Clinicians: Use as an engaging, child-centered tool in conjunction with individualized Behavior Intervention Plans in the classroom. A terrific tool to have available to provide to families during Parent-Teacher Conferences if you learn that a child is having difficulty with a certain behavior or daily routine at home. Model use during Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) sessions, and incorporate into PT, OT or Speech therapy sessions to help children see their progress towards their goals! Let the child choose their favorite theme, and laminate for longevity!