Positive Behavior Educational Map


Are your students on a collaborative road to success? Educational Maps encourage consistent use of child-centered language to help facilitate conflict resolution, social-emotional learning and a positive classroom climate.

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This 18×24″ Magnetic Surface Educational Map is an easy-to-use, engaging and interactive tool to promote positive behaviors in your classroom! Pair your positive verbal feedback with a visual cue that helps children learn that positive behaviors lead to positive outcomes! Each Educational Map set includes 5 sample “Goals”, 2 “Hold” markers & a magnetic seashell to get you up and running in your classroom! Growth behaviors/expectations are illustrated and a “Growth Zone” is depicted as a prompt to enhance child-centered and developmentally appropriate language during restorative practices. Also includes instructions and tips to enhance student engagement and calming strategies when students face setbacks in their progress.

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Dimensions 18 × 24 in
Child-Centered Theme

Racecar, Deep Sea, Superhero, Team Journey, Dog Journey