Tristan Engle

Tristan Engle, COTA/L

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Tristan joined Child Inspired in early 2021 as a licensed Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. She graduated from Delaware Technical Community College’s Occupational Therapy Assistant program in 2016 and spent 5 years working in both Kent and Sussex Counties in a variety of settings, including acute and subacute rehabilitation. Her responsibilities included providing post-surgical and neurological rehabilitation services to patients with a variety of physical, cognitive & psychosocial conditions, and in-home support using adaptive tools & equipment to promote function during daily living routines. Tristan’s professional role shifted from adults to children when she joined Child Inspired, where she has spent the last year serving children ranging in age from Pre-K to 21 in both the home and in Sussex County school programs. She collaborates with families and teachers to provide child/student support with fine and gross motor coordination, sensory regulation, and daily living skills such as self-care and independent living skills. Tristan is especially passionate about empowering individuals of all ages to communicate and advocate for their personal and family needs. In her role at Child Inspired, Tristan strives to find out what makes every child smile, and provide families with the care, tools, and community resources necessary to make every day successful.