How would you rate the progress of your child since initiating therapy services? 

A lot of progress. - "OT with Ms. Christina changed my daughter’s life. We have an amazing story board that we use daily and have seen some progress surrounding transitions between scheduled events.”

How well do (or did) the therapy services meet your and your families needs?

Extremely well. - "Ms. Christina went above and beyond during an incredibly unique time (pandemic). We always had session materials, active and engaging sessions. We always felt so comfortable working with Ms. Christina."

Overall, how satisfied are you with the occupational therapy services you receive or received?.

Extremely satisfied. - "Best experience ever."

How responsive have we been to your questions or concerns?

Extremely responsive. - "We always receive a response in regards to questions, thoughts, etc., in an incredibly timely manner and always receive positive feedback."

What would you say about Child Inspired Therapy to a family member or friend looking for OT services for their child?

"You will not find a better OT service. You will never feel alone, always be supported and given copious amounts of tools to put in your toolbox. Thank you for ALL you have done for us and other children!”

“If you're looking for a great community full of wonderful, positive, helpful, supportive, really just down to earth people that are totally relatable and easy to talk to than you need to try Child Inspired."