Therapeutic Environmental Modifications

Our homes must be many things to us...A place of shelter, security, comfort, hospitality to our loved ones, safety, and daily function. With the staggering expenses of healthcare and long-term care environments, it’s never been more important to consider how your home can meet your (or your family’s) evolving needs for accessible living and Aging-in-Place options.


Our OTs are experienced and trained to create livable environments for individuals with functional limitations due to disability, injury, or disease process. Experienced and qualified to address the needs of both pediatric and adult clients, and always with a passion for delivering family-centered care that actively involves the family and caregivers in the process of home consultations and modifications.

Our Services will include, but are not limited to:

Providing home evaluations to determine accessibility needs

Providing recommendations for affordable home modifications and consultation with remodel/renovation contractors.