Our Story

Our Story

Every journey has a unique start. This was ours...

During the Winter of 2014, our active, smiley 5 year old son Andrew became ill with a childhood virus. His illness quickly and unexpectedly worsened, and led to life-threatening respiratory failure that required an emergency medivac flight from our local hospital to Nemours A.I. Dupont Children’s Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware. Upon further testing at Nemours, we learned that Andrew had developed pneumonia in both lungs and H1N1 flu. He required advanced life support for several days until his medical condition could be stabilized.

Drawing on my experience as an Occupational Therapist, working with children and adults with disabilities, and my intense desire to communicate to Andrew that he was improving and would get home, I called my close friend Stephanie and asked her to make Andrew a “visual road map”. It helped to engage Andrew with his medical team in child-centered discussions regarding his progress.

Andrew’s visual road map eventually led to us establishing our non-profit, Get Well Map Foundation, and since then Child Inspired Therapy has been providing occupational therapy services to children and families in and around Southern Delaware for 5+ years! CHILD INSPIRED, therefore, was literally inspired by our child. Inspired by the deeply personal experience of Andrew’s hospitalization, and the desire to ease the intense stress and anxiety experienced by other children and families during medical challenges.

Based in Milton, DE our team of clinicians are here to serve your needs locally and beyond via in-home therapy, telehealth services, and community wellness workshops.