Lexi Gooch

Lexi Gooch, M.Ed

Family Education Specialist

Lexi joined the Child Inspired practice in April 2023. Lexi received her B.S. in Early Childhood Education with dual certification in Special Education in 2019 and her M.Ed. in Special Education in 2020 at Eastern University. Lexi currently works full-time in the Cape Henlopen School District for the Sussex Consortium at Love Creek Elementary School. Lexi has developed and implemented Individualized Education Plans to best support students’ individual needs. Lexi has also developed child-centered lesson plans in the areas of literacy, math, science, and social studies accommodating students and utilizing a variety of instructional methods. Lexi has demonstrated mastery in the nine elements of the Pyramid Approach to Education model and is a certified Teacher of Students with Autism or Students with Severe Intellectual Disabilities. Lexi is also trained in the Picture Exchange Communication System. Lexi is a positive advocate for inclusive learning environments and experiences for children and families with a variety of needs. Lexi has a passion for working with children and developing a partnership with families to support children both at school and at home. As a former field hockey player and field hockey coach, Lexi understands the value of teamwork and applies this knowledge and experience to her approach to working with children and families. Lexi’s responsibilities within Child Inspired include developing and implementing therapeutic and educational groups, workshops, and trainings; building out online family resources; and developing programs to support the needs of our broader community. Lexi brings creative energy and innovative ideas to the Child Inspired practice.