Back-On-Track Box!


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Child Inspired has created Back- On-Track Boxes to help your child get back on track when feeling angry or over stimulated and for appropriate sensory engagement.

  • Back On Track Box- Anger: The Back-On-Track Anger Box consists of a premade emotional regulation visual, liquid motion bubbler, stress ball, note pad, and crayons.
  • Back On Track Box- Over Stimulated: The Back-On-Track Over Stimulated Box consists of premade alternative response, movement break dice, self-regulation visual, fidget, and puddy.
  • Back on Track Box: Waiting- The Back-On-Track Waiting box provides options during unstructured times when waiting for events to occur to support impulse control and foster patience. The Back-On-Track Waiting box includes a premade waiting visual, timer, game, puzzle, and crayons.
  • Back on Track Box: Sensory- The Back-On-Track Sensory Box encourages exploration, sensory engagement, and learning through hands-on play. Sensory boxes vary in format and are themed for seasons, holidays, and skills.

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