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Child Inspired offers a variety of pre-made visuals ready for you to download and print!

  • Self-Check-in: Grab a sticky note and pencil or place the Self-Check-In visual in a sheet protector and use dry erase marker. Have your child move their name tag or write their name next to the heart that best describes how they are feeling (ex: pink heart= feeling great, blue heart= feeling sad). Use this check-in as needed to support emotional regulation (ex: morning and after school check in). Other ideas on how to use this self-check-in include, cutting out a picture of your child for your child to move their picture to how they are feeling.
  • Size of the Problem: This visual reminder will help your child determine how big or small a problem really is. This visual can be used in the moment when small problems occur by referring to the problem by ranking the problem on a scale of 1-5. This visual can be used as a tool for reflection after your child has experienced a big problem. You can also use this visual to practice identifying the size of the problem by giving your child scenarios.
  • Emotions Wheel: The emotions wheel is for the child ready to expand their emotions vocabulary! The emotions wheel shows children that we all experience a full range of emotions. The emotions wheel is divided into sections (ex: happy, sad, angry) and then branches off into subcategories (ex: happy includes joyful, proud, calm).
  • Emotions Chart: The emotions chart helps children learn to identify their feelings. The emotions chart uses emojis to show the facial expression associated with each feeling.
  • Labels: Pre-made labels provide your child with a visual (pictures, words, or both) for functional tasks involving self-care and daily living. This includes but is not limited to, clothing drawer labels (ex: socks, shirts, underwear), pantry cabinet labels (ex: chips, crackers, cereal) or kitchen cabinet labels (ex: cups, forks, plates).

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