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Child Inspired will create a visual reinforcement system based on your child’s communication, behavior, interests, and goals. Reinforcement systems encourage appropriate behaviors that you would like to see occur more often (ex: waiting, taking turns, trying new foods, completing chores, having calm body, following directions). Your child will choose something to access (ex: iPad, goldfish, trampoline) after they have demonstrated the appropriate behavior. Completion can be shown by receiving all the tokens, pieces, or task completion. Reinforcement systems vary in format, however, they each include a visual for what needs to be accomplished and what the reinforced outcome will look like. Types of reinforcement systems include, but are not limited to, “Need to”/ “Want to” board, Game Board, Chores Checklist, and Screen Time Expectations.

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"Need To" "Want To" Board, Game Board, Chores Checklist, Screen Time Expectations, Other