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Child Inspired will create a customized emotional regulation visual to help your child learn to manage emotions. Emotional regulation helps children identify how they are feeling and learn to find strategies that works best for them.

  • Emotional Regulation Checklist: Each emotional regulation visual comes with a variety of pictures or words consisting of calm down strategies (ex: take deep breaths, go for a walk, ask for a break). Each emotional regulation visual is laminated and has Velcro sections to add or change the calming strategies based on your child’s individual needs. On the back of each visual are additional calming strategies. Bonus: each emotional regulation visual comes with a customized poster to label a calming area in your home for your child to go to when needed (ex: Charlie’s Chill Corner, Zoey’s Zen Zone, or Calm Down Corner).
  • Emotional Regulation Speedometer: Slightly adapted from resources developed by the amazing pediatric OTs at The Alert Program and Zones of Regulation, this speedometer helps children to identify and regulate emotions. The emotional regulation speedometer shows children that when our engines are running “just right” we are at our optimal functional regulation state (ready to listen and learn). When our engines are running “too slow” or “too fast” we might feel bored, tired, or frustrated.

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